“You don’t need to call me Hajah, it’s embarrassing anyway”

food for actors Nelydia Senrose if he holds the title of Hajj at the age of 28, having recently returned from performing the Hajj.

Quote daily subwayNelydia said she admits she is shy when addressed by the title Hajah and feels more comfortable when addressed by her first name only.

BAKA: “When others are disappointed, I am even more disappointed in myself” – Nelydia Senrose

“You don’t have to call me Hajah, it’s embarrassing. Enough with Nelydia,” he said.

Sharing the experience of working on the fifth pillar of Islam, Nelydia said it was an amazing moment and grateful that everything became easier.

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“But suffice it to say that God’s ministry and everything that I’ve been through is made very beautiful and easy. I have performed Umrah several times, but on this Hajj I feel a relief that is difficult to express.

“It is true that people say that doing Hajj is like doing jihad and submitting to whatever precautions are going to happen. I leave everything to God and hope my presence will be well received,” he said.

When asked what she was asked to do while in the Holy Land, Nelydia admitted that she could not fool herself and asked to improve to be a better servant and continue the Istiqamah.

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“I would be lying if I said my presence there is not to seek God’s pleasure. My age now and gone through different stages of life. I can’t be wrong.

“Allah knows what is empty in my heart after going through puberty and now entering adulthood. I always pray that God will strengthen my faith and give me strength to continue Istiqamah.

“On God’s earth we can indeed do it, but when we get here there is another test that must be passed. So I always pray that God will keep me away from things that might prevent me from doing my best,” he said.

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