You can’t give a bad name to a mother who wants to scare her child, she has to build a good image for herself.

Raising children is a challenge for parents. The same applies to the behavior and conversations of the parents.

How to share Mohd Fais Salim to explain that it is not good to smear the mother’s name to scare the child.

Then follow this sharing.

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You can’t spoil your mother’s name!
It’s not healthy, this practice is like “sowing” bad ideas to children who don’t like their own mothers.

Behind the career as “Mr. Pilot”.

“Hurry up and mom will be mad!”
“Don’t make a mess mom, throw away the toys later”

We’re told it’s not dangerous to say, but to our one-year-old, it’s corn.
A bad word is a bad word, what he hears is taken very seriously.

– Children tidy up toys, not because they want to tidy up, but because they are afraid of their mother’s anger.
– Children don’t make a mess, not because they want to clean, but because they are afraid of having to throw the toys away with their mother.

In the child’s brain is the idea of ​​a “bad mother!”
Why is mom bad because dad said so. huh!
Since knowing this, I’ve changed the way I speak 360 degrees.

Whatever is negative, I turn it into a positive, hopefully children’s brains will be protected from bad ideas.
Instead of using my partner’s name, I choose to praise the children and give them good ideas.

“Big sister is busy cleaning up, so mom likes it”
“When you play you save the toys, you know you love toys”

The good mother image is awakened, the children love and obey their mother more easily.
Wallahu A’lam,

Source: Mohd Fais Salim

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