You can’t get 7 characters on all California license plate styles – San Bernardino Sun

Q I went from personalized splash/neuter plates to splash/neuter plates where the DMV selects the license plate. My new license plate has only six digits, and new license plates have had seven digits for years. How is that possible?

—Tom Rapport, Orange

A Binding, James Bond.

Well, something like that.

Do you know that beautiful piece of art to the left of the plate, a cat wearing sunglasses sitting on a dog’s head? Needs space.

This is an actor’s contribution Pierce Brosnan, who of course once portrayed 007 on the big screen. About a decade ago he donated his drawing of his dog, Shilohand his cat angel babyto the cause.

“There are other special interest signs that only allow two to six characters due to the unique design of each sign,” he said Ronald OngtoabocAutomobile Department spokesman.

(Tom’s personalized Pet Lovers sign also had six characters.)

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There are at least nine plate styles that limit the number of characters to six instead of the more traditional seven, including the California Museums plate, which features a dancing Snoopy, and the Breast Cancer Awareness plate, which has a pink ribbon.

Part of the special interest plate tab gets down to business. The Pet Lovers panels raise money and awareness to reduce animal overpopulation, such as through spay and neuter programs.

As of July 1, there were Pet Lovers license plates issued to 7,062 California vehicles, Ongtoaboc said. Earlier this year, $477,780 raised from the records was given to 18 projects.