“You are healthy, how is your behavior, you cannot be reprimanded” – people who send rude messages come back, Elyana is disappointed that “advice” is a ticket for abuse

Recently, singer Elyana revealed the negative message she received from someone in the direct message section of Instagram.

The message is meant to rebuke Elyana, who is said to be trying to find sympathy on social media following her stage four lymphoma cancer.

Most recently, the same person is said to have left a message for Elyana again after getting angry at the actions of the singer, who revealed his previous message.

The person described Elyana as unable to accept reprimands and saying her act of revealing the message was simply unacceptable.

“Amboi, I’m your side’s PM, right? I didn’t say it in the comments. You are really extreme. It’s healthy, that’s how you act. Can’t be blamed either.

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“You feel like the disease is gone. Where did you notice what you are doing now? It’s no joke, I also find face to face counseling. Step into history.

“If you can’t be reprimanded, you don’t have to post anything. That’s me swearing at you in dm. I haven’t commented in the comments yet. Correct what I said. people nearby who see.

“Where do you see yourself? You’re too serious,” he said.

The revelation was shared by the singer of the song Tak Tercapai Akalmu through a post on Instagram stories.

At the same time, Elyana also replied to individual messages left by the person.

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According to Elyana, her desire to forgive the person faltered after reading the message.

“Remember to be quiet. I just want to apologize This is an example for today, use “advice” to give the green light to berate and curse people.

“At the end he said we can’t take advice. Tell me the value of this advice is dwindling,” Elyana replied.

He went on to explain that he feels people are using the excuse “advice” as a ticket these days to throw negative words about other people.

Just FYI, last December Elyana announced that she was free and recovering from stage 4 lymphoma cancer, which she had been suffering from for the past 11 years.

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Source and Credit Photo: Instagram Elyana