Yankees and Mets improved with no spatter at MLB trade close

Yankees and Mets improved with no spatter at MLB trade close

The Yankees didn’t have Juan Soto. The Mets didn’t have a Wilson Contreras.

During a trading period that saw perhaps the most traded talent in league history, home teams — both in first place, both motivated to reach the playoffs — passed on the names that would have turned heads and moved the betting lines.

For the Yankees and Mets, the 2022 trade deadline was about insight, not star power.

Let’s start with the Yankees, who could have gotten bigger. Luis Castillo, the change artist, was the biggest name in the pitching market and dazzled at the Bronx hill just weeks ago. But the prospects the Reds called were tough — the Mariners sent three of their top five minor leagues — so the Yankees switched to Frankie Montas. The Star of Old A was a handsome consolation prize that has become a topic of recent days.

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