Writing Away Seminar with Shahren Yusri

Once Mrhanafi got the opportunity to attend the Writing Seminar Beyond Habits with Shahren Yusri. There is no doubt that many of us are still unaware of Shahren Yusri.

Who is Shahren Yusri?

Before we talk and talk about him, allow mrhanafi to chronicle a little history of his journey to the Beyond the Habit Writing seminar being held in State Library, Sarawak.

This seminar is a joint venture between Suara Sarawak, New Sarawak Tribune, Centexs Comercial and Pustaka Sarawak on July 14, 2022.


Shahren Yusri

Shahren Yusri
Picture with the participants PHOTO: Alif Noni

After sending his children to school, mrhanafi continued to race from Kota Samarahan to Kuching. The clock already showed 6:10 am.

The road was not congested until 6.30am. Soon after, cars began to get crowded and traffic jams crept onto the streets.

Everyone has a purpose.

Definitely go to work to earn a living to support this temporary life.

Alhamdulillah, exactly at 7.10 am, Mrhanafi arrived safely at his destination.

Wow… very early.

It was about two hours before the seminar started. Also… this is an opportunity for breakfast in the vehicle.

Mrhanafi had supplies boiled egg and empty water. Besides saving, it is a healthy food to take care of the body

I can’t stand having breakfast in the store when food inflation is getting more and more alarming at the moment.

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After breakfast, mrhanafi use this free time to finish reading the book God is near. Reviews of this book can be found on the blog Obsessed with books a little more time.

Let’s leave the story of Mrhanafi who doesn’t know anything hehehe.

Let’s get back to the story of Shahren Yusri which is the main topic of discussion in writing mrhanafi’s article this time.

We first know who Shahren is today before we know his historical background.

Shahren Yusri is General Manager of Centex’s Commercial Sarawak.

He was the pioneer of this organization, starting from “scratches” until he is now three years old.

According to Shahren, he is willing to take responsibility and challenge his own abilities.

to see his dream Centex’s Commercial Sarawak as a successful organization to bring the Sarawak brand and product name to the rest of the world.

This is a big dream, bringing great benefits to the people of Sarawak in particular and Malaysia in general.

What was special about sharing Shahren’s story in the seminar was his story before he was at the peak of his current career.

Let’s go back in time.

Shahren once aspired to become a lawyer while in high school.

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His interest and inclination are very high in the field of history.

But something quite tragic and an epic story happened when he was about to enroll as a law student on the Uitm Peninsula in 1999.

Unfortunately it doesn’t smell.

Shahren suffered a traffic accident when his motorcycle collided with a bus.

The aftermath of this accident left him paralyzed in one leg and unable to walk for a year.

During this time he underwent physical therapy and closed his chance to go to UITM to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Despite this, Shahren was very resilient because he continued his studies through sixth grade despite only studying from home.

After completing sixth grade, Shahren continued his studies at Unimas in the field of communication and successfully graduated in 2005.

Before traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Shahren had completed an industrial apprenticeship at a local newspaper company. There he was successfully accepted as a journalist cadet in Utusan Malaysia.

After that, Shahren’s career as a journalist at Kosmo shone and sparkled.

His news writing was always on the front page of the newspaper until he won the Kajai Prize in 2007.

Shahren Yusri

This award is very prestigious.

The winning conditions are very strict.

Message writing must be clear, include solutions and picture evidence, and follow-up messages about the incident.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that the Kajai Award offers a reward of RM20,000 as well as a certificate with gold worth thousands of Ringgit.

Up until the writing of this article, only Shahren Yusri from Sarawak was the sole winner of the Kajai Prize.

Shahren planted his passion and dream of becoming a famous journalist.

He did an exceptionally good job of that and the results are impressive.

Alhamdulillah it is proved and borrowed he said that such success is planned to come true with deeds.

Shortly thereafter, Shahren changed careers and became a member of the Malaysian Enterprise Commission, Ministerial Press Officer, TV presenter and events presenter.

After leaving the world of journalism, Shahren continues to stand out as he receives the Outstanding Contributor Award each year.


What mrhanafi can learn from Shahren’s success is to start with a dream and move on to action.

We also have to be fast and learn a lot, without time and circumstance constraints.

Also, don’t stay in the comfort zone to paralyze the ability to challenge yourself.

These are the few notes and summaries mrhanafi received in the Beyond the Usual Writing seminar with Shahren Yusri.

I hope it is useful for you as a reader.