Women offer services to convince lovers to break up with people’s husbands

BEIJING — A woman from Luoyang, Henan Province, China is attracting a lot of attention for her ability to persuade loved ones to end their relationships with other people’s husbands, the Oddity Central website reported yesterday.

Wang Zhenxi is known as a persuasion reserve, which is a professional job. His job is to convince women to stop having sex with other people’s husbands.

Zhenxi rose to fame when a newspaper revealed that he managed to seduce more than 800 mistresses in one year.

The woman, regarded as one of China’s most successful leaders, used her personal experience to shape her career.

Her father allegedly cheated on her mother when she was growing up, so she knows firsthand the negative impact extramarital affairs can have on a family.

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Zhenxi also faced a similar situation when her ex-husband played three-stick with an old friend under the pretense of her marriage to please the husband’s mother.

He is determined to file for divorce and pursue a career as the most successful mistress seducer in China. – Agency