Will not fail even at number 0, Lucknow University has implemented a new policy

Every student wants to get good grades; In the name of failure, only the students break a sweat. But when you find that you have no way of failing, how good will it be? But now it can happen; no student will fail their first semester of BA, B.com and B.sc in Lucknow University and their affiliated universities. Even if you get a zero number, you won’t fail, you’ll be promoted to the next class. This means that for the first time no student will fail in the first semester.

What is the reason

The decision not to fail any student was made because of the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 at the undergraduate level at Lucknow University. Only those students who do not comply with the rules of the UFM or who do not appear for the examination will fail. Students who take the first semester exam but do not fail because of bad grades. Why not her zero number? The benefits of this facility will be available to the students of BA, BSc and BCom and all undergraduate courses under NEP.

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About 1,000 22,000 268 students will benefit. Lucknow University had recently released B.sc freshman results, but on this exam many students scored less than the passing score. The university then made it clear that the students would be promoted to the next higher class. About 10,000 students achieved less than 25 percent of the grades in this test. Click here for public service vacancies.

In the third semester, the examination of the subjects that were not passed in the first semester must be taken.

Under the new education policy, students who fail the first semester will be promoted to the second grade. After that, the first semester exam must be taken in the third semester. The subjects in which the students failed appear for these subjects. The back pressure on LU will be less. Read career news here.

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