When many people pray but the words of Diva AA Kat Pencer4ian Noh Salleh and Mizz Nina make many less happy – Lubuk Viral – Lubuk Viral

Earlier, Harian Metro reported that this couple were finally divorced yesterday in the Syariah Lower Court of East Gombak District.

Harian Metro’s source said the couple first filed for divorce in the same court on June 14.

Their divorce is understood to be under case code 055, which is a laf4z tal4k application authorized by the court.

Earlier, this newspaper reported that Noh denied the rumors of his family rift that circulated on social media on July 13.

Although the household is in disarray, Mizz Nina seems calm given the allegations that have happened to her and Musa.

The comments section of said post was showered with prayers and words of encouragement from fellow artists and fans.

Diva AA’s ‘Sin1s’ Response to the Artist’s Divorce

Sensational lawyer Azwan Ali’s scathing words are sometimes mixed with cynicism and continue to cause unease among social media users.

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The latest Azwan, better known as Diva AA, caused a lot of trouble after reacting to Noh Salleh and Mizz Nina’s divorce.

He wrote “GOOD! TREND RETISSSS, WHO’S NEXT? GTHHH PUII’ followed by a finger on his Twitter page.

“Learn to pray for others” – The latest sharing of Mizz Nina makes many sad

Despite the budget test currently blowing heavily, singer and humanitarian activist Mizz Nina, 42, has had time to update her Instagram account.

Although the status uploaded merely echoed the words of prominent preacher Mufti Ismail Menk, Shazrina Azman has been showered with positive comments from fans made by Mizz Nina or her real name to withstand the domestic challenges she has faced.

Through the partnership the What You Waiting For and Takeover singer has formed, he revealed the essence of his message in the form of a memory.

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“Learn to pray for others. Remember that the rewards of praying for others are incredible.

“If we pray for others, good things will come to us. God will help those who are busy helping others.

“So don’t get discouraged, get started,” the share wrote.

Meanwhile, his status not only caught the attention of fans but also other celebrities.

Among the celebrities who left comments were lawyer Ahmad Fedtri Yahya, who shared part of the Qur’an verse, while actress Mira Filzah left a love emoji in the comments section.

Several other celebrities like Datin Lisa Surihani, Liyana Jasmay and Alif Satar liked the post.

Mizz Nina’s recently uploaded post has almost 48,000 likes and 1,200 comments.

Mizz Nina uploaded the words of the leading preacher, Mufti Ismail Menk, the essence of which is a memory. – Mizz Nina’s IG photo

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News of Mizz Nina and Noh’s domestic unrest has been making noise since July 13. However, Noh denied rumors of a rift in the 11-year marriage.

Earlier, Noh and Mizz Nina are said to have been arguing in Syariah Lower Court in East Gombak district here yesterday.

Harian Metro sources said the couple first filed for divorce in the same court on June 14.

Their divorce is understood to be under case code 055, which is a court-authorized tal4k pronunciation motion.


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