[Watch] Sardine truck overturns on the North-South Expressway, washing the road into a red sea

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A trailer carrying tins of sardines overturned at kilometer 265.9 of the North-South (southbound) expressway around 1pm today.

The spilled contents of the sardine cans flooded the road in red, causing traffic jams that stretched for five kilometers.

Kuala Kangsar District Deputy Police Chief Omar Bakhtiar said thousands of tins of sardines were strewn along the stretch of road.

The affected road was closed and traffic from the north was diverted to the Kuala Kangsar Toll Plaza to carry out cleaning work.

All vehicles were instructed to use an alternative route from the Kuala Kangsar Toll to Sungai Siput to get to Ipoh.

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@Plustrafik tweeted that the Contra route was opened at KM267.0-265.1 northbound to reduce congestion.

According to the NST, police officers were also stationed at the scene to control the flow of traffic and prevent further congestion.

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