Viral Video President Jokowi demands Pertalite Rp. 17.100, “How many months does the demo last?”

WARTABANJAR.COM – A video fragment of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) mentioning the price of Rp 17,100 for Pertalit suddenly went viral.

The Instagram account shared that the price of Pertalite petrol is currently IDR 7,650 per liter.

Although the price of pure pertalite petrol is Rp. 17,100 per liter.

Jokowi explained this when he gave a speech at the National Silatnas and 19th Anniversary of the Army Retired Army Association in the Sentul Convention Center, Bogor, West Java last Friday (08/05/2022).

“Imagine in our country that pertalite goes from Rp 7,650 to the current price, then the correct price is Rp 17,100. How many months does the demonstration last?” said Jokowi.

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Jokowi then recalled the government’s decision at the time to raise the price of heating oil (BBM) by 10%.

At that time there was a massive protest action by the community for more than three months.

“I remember the demo went up 10%, the demo lasted for three months. If it goes up to more than 100 percent, how many months will the demonstration last?” Jokowi said.

The government, Jokowi said, is trying to control that fuel prices don’t suffer from the effects of rising oil prices.

“As soon as the price of gas rises, commodity prices automatically jump together. Therefore, the government has spent IDR 502 trillion in a subsidy budget that no country dares to pay as high as the Indonesian subsidy,” said Jokowi. (aqu)

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