[VIDEO] “Hahaha, he’s tough and likes to bite.” Finally I know whose behavior follows Shariq – Teh Tarik Kaw

Note that beautiful actress Emma Maembong certainly gave birth to a baby boy named Shariq Gabriel in November several years ago.

In fact, Emma Maembong’s son and his partner, Muhammad Shazli Azhar, also shared their son’s cute antics to the public via Shariq Gabriel’s own Instagram column, which has been followed by thousands of followers.

It previously went viral when Shariq bit Chacha and also his father on the hand until it was flagged by netizens. It’s normal for guys to grow up, they gotta have their own antics.

A video was shared on hotfm’s Instagram of Emma biting her husband’s hand on the throne some time ago.

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It’s really naughty who made this video it’s funny and random with his son’s behavior now that he likes to bite everyone hehehee



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