Video allegedly Kaye’s ONIC without clothes went viral on Twitter – Video allegedly Kaye’s ONIC without clothes went viral on Twitter. A viral video link recently circulated on onic Keys showing naked on Twitter. In the midst of being chased by netizens until it turns into a heated conversation.

Currently, netizens are competing to find the link to the video on onic kayes going viral for this inappropriate action.

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The pros and cons of video messaging is still a hot debate for social media users like Tiktok, Twitter, and Telegram. The video suspected of being ONIC Kayes is still being searched for.

So, for those of you who are curious about the video, here we are providing a video link that you can get at the end of this article. Therefore, read this article review to the end so that you can find out more clearly.

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Viral video by Kayes Onic

Kayes herself is a content creator of TikTok famous for his beautiful and cute face, but at the moment Tiktoker is facing an awkward problem as the number of followers reaches 5 million people.

Kayes is currently one of the brand ambassadors of the ONIC E-Sports team. Now a video similar to Kaye’s onic is circulating on social media, scaring many people.

Because in the viral video, there’s a girl who looks a lot like Kayes without wearing any clothes. Warganet then matched it to the characteristics in the content.

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Not only that, in the widely shared nude photo, it appears to be in a room resembling one of the uploads Kayes previously uploaded. Which, again, is very similar to the girl from Bandung.

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Suddenly, netizens were shocked, as if they couldn’t believe the photo that was circulating was actually Kaye’s. Through one of the comment columns on Kayes’ Instagram account, netizens also expressed their curiosity about the authenticity of the photos and videos that are currently widely shared on social media.

Because in the video link, there are videos similar to ONIC Kayes, such as faces, accessories and postures similar to ONIC Kayes.

There are so many netizens who took to Twitter to comment on the resemblance of Onic Kayes’ nude video that went viral on social media.

“Is it true that ONIC Kayes is going viral,” one netizen said on Twitter.

As we know, the nude girl circulating on Twitter is very similar to ONIC Kayes. Many netizens look to Twitter for viral videos like ONIC Kayes.

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However, this ONIC Kayes clarified the viral video that looks similar to him on his Instagram account.

Kayes confirmed that the viral nude video wasn’t her at all. but edited with his own wajag.

“Hi guys it’s really busy…sorry it’s not me guys it’s been edited don’t be so quick to believe guys like that,” Kaye’s ONIC said on his Instagram account.


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