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(The International Islamic University of Malaysia (UIAM), in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), has launched the e-scroll application using chain technology (blockchain) to solve the problem of counterfeit scrolls in the domestic and foreign countries )

By Azrin Muhammad

KUALA LUMPUR – If in the past there were parties selling honorary degrees titled “Datuk Seri” or “Fake Datuk,” now the same trend has emerged, which is selling fake titles titled Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Chairman of the National Higher Education Development Research Organization (PenDaPaT) of the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Prof. Grandpa Dr. Norzaini Azman revealed that the syndicate is allegedly selling fake degrees using the name of the world’s top universities for a price of RM120,000.

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Norzaini also claimed that there is a consortium that produces doctoral studies for undergraduates, including awarding undergraduate awards such as Distinguished Conductor Awards, Distinguished Researchers Awards and some of the university’s top honors.

“The statistics of fake degrees cannot be ascertained, but in today’s modern times everything has become easy to fake certificates and awards.

“Even though the price of a fake certificate or award reaches hundreds of thousands of ringgit, there are still people willing to pay for it.

“In addition, society now likes to be presented with ranks and titles, which means that they tend to lie or tell half-truths in order to be respected and popular,” he recently told the media.


He added that the matter should not be left alone as it could be seen as a disaster that could destroy the future of education, the profession, merit and fair competition.

He also said that some basic questions used to reveal false doctors or professors, but now it has become difficult due to the development of technology and social media, which only go in one direction.