Use of social media with various posts

DEJAVANEWS.COM – Who is currently familiar with social media? From children, teenagers to parents, it can be said that many use social media. In fact, many people rely on social media as their main communication medium and use social media in various ways.

Social media is now widespread, starting with Facebook, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp, Instagram and others.

Surely everyone agrees that we can use social media to interact with other people, bring us closer and communicate faster in cyberspace. This is usually a plus.

However, have you ever felt timeline Are you full of posts from people joking with Lebay content, for example status posts reporting life troubles? Does it get you hot or is it your posts that tend to overdo it?

One could even say that positive things can be done in cyberspace, because positive posts can also have a good effect on other people.

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Here are posts to share to get the most out of social media.

1. Important Information

Social media was designed to speed up communication, one of which is sharing important information.

So it would be better if you use social media to share important information needed by many people, such as: B. Information about traffic jams, warnings or security.

2. Scholarship Information

Both undergraduate and college students definitely need information about scholarships to reduce tuition or other expenses. So please feel free to share any scholarship information that may help others.

3. Job offers

For those who know information about job vacancies, it is recommended to share it as it will be very useful for someone in need and it can save time and money while looking for vacancies.

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4. Sale

Using social media as a place to make money is not impossible as you can sell through social media. You can advertise the product you want to sell and provide contact information.

5. Quotes, words of wisdom and motivation

If you are someone who often or likes to share words of wisdom, words of motivation on social media. So it’s a very useful post.

6. Inspirational story

Everyone needs inspiration to pursue their life and move into the future. You can share inspirational stories of great characters’ struggles, their success stories, or stories of little people who succeeded because of their perseverance.

7. Tell a humorous story

Many people on social media are bored and tired of studying or working and need entertainment. Now you can share fun stories that will delight readers.

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8. Funny memes

Indonesians are considered to be very creative people, as evidenced by the proliferation of Indonesian creative memes.

9. Tutorial

Tutorial is content that contains procedures for doing something. It’s a good idea to use social media properly by sharing various tutorials that you know and read around the web so that others can learn about them too.

10. Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks are also badly needed by people who do a lot. Therefore, if you find these tips and tricks useful and interesting, it is a good idea to share them. Especially when the tips and tricks are more creative and simple.