Trafficking survivors have access to few legal remedies

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Human trafficking survivors have access to few authorized assets #trade in #survivors #entry #authorized #assets

At any given time, nearly 25 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide, according to the US Department of State.

The devastation attributed to human trafficking is not a factor that will simply go away.

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When a person escapes traffickers, they will experience lifelong emotional trauma, along with years of licensed points that can be expensive to resolve.

About 200 human trafficking cases were filed in Colorado between 2014 and 2019, but advocates fear there are still a few more victims.

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Sometimes human trafficking survivors struggle to access the licensed sources they need. Jasmine Brior was in a similar place until she realized a program commonly known as ALIGHT (Alliance to Lead Impression in Worldwide Human Trafficking).

All the things I’ve been through, and I’ll say that cryptically, along with the troubles that were destined to kill me, I bought here, through, you know, I bought right out of here stronger, Brior spoke. I bought here with extra willpower not to let such points happen asap by any means.