To commemorate PKK Movement Unity Day, the Regent of Banjar expects to be a supportive motivation for successful family development

WARTABANJAR.COM, MARTAPURA – To commemorate the 50th Day of PKK Movement Unity in 2022, the Regent of Banjar H. Saidi Mansyur invites that this moment will be a strong motivation and a new spirit for the PKK mobilization teams in districts, sub-districts and villages.

“Starting at the district, sub-district and village level, the TP PKK can use its skills as support for family development towards a prosperous family. It is hoped that it can continue to improve to be more professional and proportional so that the PKK movement will continue with the times,” said H Saidi Mansyur while speaking at the culmination of the 50th PKK-HKG Memorial Ceremony at Grand Dafam Q- Hotel Banjarbaru, Friday (5.8.2022).

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He also congratulated the 50th PKK HKG all PKK cadres in Banjar Regency.

“I value the PKK organization as a leading element in mobilizing community participation and as a liaison between community and government functions,” Saidi said.

Saidi also expressed his gratitude for the TP PKK’s 50 years of activity as well as the achievement of the TP PKK in Banjar Regency through the 10 PKK main programs, especially through the innovation of GITAKU MANIS (Movement for the Development of Quality and Superior Village Communities) . Forward, independent and religious.

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In his report, Banjar Regency PKK TP leader Hj Nurgita Tiyas expressed his gratitude and highest appreciation to the local government for their support to allow the PKK organization to develop further.

“I thank the Regent of Banjar who has supported all activities of the TP PKK. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more PKK cadres and participate in the advancement of development and economy in Banjar regency,” he hoped.

The event also included the inauguration and inauguration of 12 district PKK TP leaders by Banjar Regency PKK leader Hj Nurgita Tiyas, and the signing of a document of mutual agreement between the PKK TP leader and the Banjar Regency leader of the National Dekranasda with Head of Regency Banjar HIPMI BPC M Rifky Maulana regarding promotion of local products and entrepreneurship education witnessed by Regent of Banjar H Saidi Mansyur. (bjr)

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