To celebrate Blink-182’s 30th anniversary, Funko presents dolls from the “What’s My Age Again?” music video.

Recently, a pop punk band from California, USA Blink-182 has fun because they have been making music for 30 years.

To join the celebration, a well-known company from the United States, Funko, presents dolls with silhouette appearances of Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge.

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Blink-132 Trio shows nude in Funko Pop Set

What’s worrying about this set is that Funko presents Mark, Travis and Tom without clothes.

The set is here because it was inspired by Blink-182’s music video How old am I again?. In the music video, the trio appear naked, covering their genitals only with the musical instruments they play.

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Interestingly, Funko managed to showcase a number of details about the trio, ranging from colorful musical instruments to Tom and Travis tattoos.

Except that I get my inspiration from music videos How old am I again? Funko presented the doll set due to Tom DeLonge’s upload to his social media, which shocked many people.

The photo sparked much debate as many felt the Blink 182 trio would be reuniting soon, and Tom returned to the band after his role was replaced by Matt Skiba in 2015.

If you’re interested in celebrating Blink-182’s 30th Anniversary by owning a Funko Pop set How old am I again?you can already place an order via the system preorder about this page.

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For the price itself, the doll is priced at $35, or the equivalent of 520,000 rupees.