Tips on how to recover a scratched screen on a smartphone, Becoming Back

How to fix scratched screen on smartphone

Scratched HP illustration

Pulti Opok – Often we are always careless with smartphone. Such negligence often occurs when phone drop or overuse of Touch screen smart phone. as if your smartphone is damaged or the screen is scratched.

the most common scratches appear on the touch screen, often occurs in mobile phone users, iPadTablet and HP users of Chinese products.

Well, the scratched screen of the smartphone will be uncomfortable when using it. desire to look Smartphone becomes blurry on your screen. Then wish To care about Smartphone, so no desire to use it.

When it happened, you must have run to the smartphone service center to fix the scratched smartphone or cell phone screen, but if you want to fix it yourself, you can do it.

Origin Using How to fix Scratched cell phone screen, Renew without the slightest scratch. This method does not waste any expense then you can use it anytime while you can maintain your smartphone with a luxurious and beautiful look without scratching the smartphone screen.

In this point Pulti Opok will provide information about it Repair scratched screens on smartphones, be back. So pay attention to this method. God willing, these tips can help smartphone users whose touch screen is scratched. ok only here

Tips on how to recover a scratched screen on a smartphone, Becoming Back

Use eraser

This eraser is also included to remove scratches on your phone screen, the eraser is useful to even out the scratches on the touch screen. You can use any eraser as long as it’s rubber.

To use it now, just rub the scratched part of the screen and try to average the time of rubbing your touchscreen screen. oh yaa don’t swipe too hard then point right and left while swiping to make the screen flat

cleaning cream or screen cleaning liquid.

Well, there is another way than the eraser, my friend can use a screen cleaner, with a cream liquid like foam. I usually use a cleaner like “Car Polishing Kit”.

how to use it, just pour the foamy cream liquid on your smartphone screen, smooth the cream liquid with a clean cloth. Try cleaning it slowly on your phone screen.

Mainstream with “Toothpaste”
Toiletries like toothpaste can be used to smooth a scratched phone screen and I’ve tried toothpaste too and the results have been very satisfactory. Scratched smartphone displays can be stuck with toothpaste.

Just use it as if you put a little bit of toothpaste gel on your smartphone’s touchscreen and then rub it slowly.

Use telon oil or alcohol.
This is also very strange to try, but a proven method to remove scratches on your smartphone screen. through the use of telon oil (baby oil) or alcohol. by putting some liquid on your phone’s screen and then rubbing it slowly. and see the result

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