Tips for drying clothes to dry quickly in rainy season

When the rainy season comes, one of the things you need to do at home is clothes after washing. Due to the lack of sun, clothes often smell bad if they are not dry.

There will be musty smell when you force iron it if not completely dry. There are tips on how to dry clothes at home during the rainy season. However, here are clothes drying tips to dry quickly in the rainy season, from various sources:

Tips for drying clothes for quick drying during the first rainy season is to use a fan. Use a fan on a medium motion mode to keep your clothes from falling apart in high winds.

Especially for those of you whose house has a ceiling fan. Fortunately, you can use it to dry clothes. The help of a breeze from the ceiling fan to dry clothes faster.

Tips for drying clothes, next to dry quickly is to use a hair dryer or hair dryer. You should use this method for important clothing items such as uniforms or work clothes to save power.

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It takes some free time to use this method. A hair dryer that produces hot wind is guaranteed to help your clothes dry quickly.

If you dry the clothes during the rainy season, definitely hang them on hangers indoors. Make sure the clothes have been previously washed with detergent and then deodorized.

If you only use detergent, it may cause a musty smell because it is too much, and the smell of detergent cannot linger. Using a deodorant will minimize excessive mold odor when drying in the sun with other clothes.

For example, if you don’t have or don’t like clothing scents, use a 2-in-1 laundry detergent that adds a subtle element to clothing and dries quickly.

The next tip for drying clothes quickly is to use the dryer in the washing machine. Use squeezing power in max and longer modes. So that the water content in your clothes really stays a little bit behind.

Prioritize essential clothing items or items that need to dry quickly over others. Place the clothes near places with better air circulation. Then select the clothes by type of fabric and separate them.

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For example, the fabric is thin and easy to dry, then thick fabric and denim, which does not need to be washed every time.

Tips for drying your clothes quickly in the rainy season, this one is worth trying. Rub a warm, dry towel over your laundry, e.g. B. from jeans. Then hang the clothes as you would for normal drying.

After trying electric heating with the help of a hair dryer, this time use an iron as an electric heater. However, make sure that this method is only suitable for certain types of fabric such as rayon, cotton, twistcone and ceruti.

You can iron the creases such as armpits, pocket creases, shirt collars and trouser pockets, which sometimes are not completely dry. When it’s dry enough, spritz on some deodorant to cut down on the stale.

Tips for drying clothes so that they dry quickly in the next rainy season is to space each piece of clothing evenly. To allow air to enter to fill the voids of clothing.

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Good air circulation, supported in particular by a fan, speeds up drying of the clothesline.

The way you quick dry your clothes on this one is quite unique. It’s inspired by a polar explorer covering wet clothes to freeze. You can try putting wet clothes in the freezer.

When frozen and hard grains of ice appear, rub and shake until dry.

The last tips for drying clothes to dry quickly, many people believe that wooden frames can get around this. Hanging clothes near wooden doors and closets can minimize moisture levels in clothes.

This method is even more efficient when dried in your room that has a window wind and the help of a fan. Also, put salt in a corner or corner of the room to maintain humidity.

Those are some tips for drying clothes quickly in the rainy season that you can practice at home. Very easy and practical to maintain the quality of your clothes. Much luck.