The results of the presumed monkeypox test in central Java are negative

Ganjar Pranowo as Governor of Central Java announced that the results of the suspected monkeypox or monkeypox test in Central Java had come out and the results were negative.

So far, no cases of monkeypox have been found in Central Java. The method was used to examine a 55-year-old man with suspected monkeypox Polymerase chain reaction or PCR,

“Indicated Yesterday” [orang pasien suspek]the PCR result was negative,” Ganjar said on Thursday, August 4, 2022, quoted directly from the Central Java Province website.

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Although the monkeypox suspect is negative, Ganjar is asking the public to be vigilant

On the same occasion, Ganjar also asked the public to remain vigilant despite the suspected monkeypox results being negative.

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He advised anyone experiencing symptoms similar to monkeypox to go to the hospital immediately and get tested.

“Everyone now if there are symptoms check immediately. That’s the most important thing,” Ganjar said.

IDI forms task force to treat monkeypox

It should also be noted that the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) had formed a special task force to combat monkeypox some time ago.

This was due to the response from the WHO, which declared that monkeypox had entered a global health emergency.

“As is the case with the Covid-19 pandemic and we have beenwarning Weight by the responsible WHO doll boxthen we at IDI also formed a special task force monkey poxsaid IDI Board Chairman General Adib Khumaidi.

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