The latest Legends of Runeterra patch focuses on bug fixes but promises balance changes soon

Are you mad at the meta that’s popping up? Legends of Runeterra? If that’s the case, you won’t find joy in the latest update of the online CCG, but there is at least the news that changes are coming in the patch notes, so hopefully that will put your mind at ease. “We’re still keeping an all-seeing eye on how the meta is evolving, and once we’ve made some room to ease the agony, we’ll ship them out to you in the next patch,” the post cryptically promises.

Elsewhere, fixes for the Starlight keyword, a specific situation that caused the game to softlock, cast timing for Claws of the Dragon, and applying Darkness’s damage in a specific setup are detailed, among other things. There’s not much here at the moment, but the next patch should probably be more interesting from a metagame perspective.

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