“The issue of death is difficult for husbands and wives to discuss” – Nadi stopped while undergoing second IVF, song becomes Nana Karia & Ezad Lazim’s “Will” To…

Singapore singer Nana Karia revealed that her latest single titled ‘Meski’ was inspired by a scary experience in her previous life.

“Meski” is a collaborative song between Nana and popular Malaysian singer Ezad Lazim.

According to Nana or her real name is Nur Hasanah Zakaria, she once almost died while undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) fertility treatment surgery.

“This song was actually written during my experience of having an IVF procedure for the second time. After seven years of marriage, I am still not blessed with children. So I looked for an alternative by doing iui and ivf twice.

“During the second IVF, during a surgical procedure, I was put in bed to remove the eggs. At that time I lost my pulse in 10 seconds or was lifeless for 10 seconds.

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“When I woke up, the surgeon advised me to stop doing IVF for the time being and to rest for a year or two,” he told MH.

The 42-year-old singer was spotted performing the song “Meski” at the Hotel Royal in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

He added that the incident was a real blow to her husband, who was clearly afraid of losing his beloved wife.

In fact, Nana also wants her husband to get on with his life when he doesn’t live much longer.

“When my husband found out about the pulse loss incident, he immediately wouldn’t allow me to have IVF again. He said it’s okay not to have kids. I looked at him like he was scared and couldn’t accept losing me. He said it’s okay if it’s just the two of us until we’re old.

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“I see he’s not even eating when he thinks about it. The age difference between me and my husband is nine years. In fact, the old will go first. This opened up the subject for me and my husband to talk about death.

“That’s why I wrote this song Meski. I want to remind him that if I go first, I want him to live on and not grieve. The subject of death is indeed difficult for married couples to discuss.

“In the lyrics of this song, I want it to stay strong. If I’m not around later and he’s destined to find a match, just get married. I want him to be happy,” he said again.

At the same time, Ezad feels that this song comes very close to the story of his life over the last few years.

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“Before that, my health was pretty uncertain. I am sick too. I also thought that maybe my age is not long. But God still gave me a chance.

“If we are always sick, sometimes we will be sad. I discussed with my wife what happens to my family when I’m not there. At least I can express what I’m feeling through this song,” he shared.

Previously, Meski can now be heard on all streaming platforms, while the video music can be viewed on Jaybon Music Production’s YouTube channel.

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