The 3 most effective day trading indicators for beginners

The 3 most effective day trading indicators for beginners

seputarliputan.comThe 3 most effective day trading indicators for beginners. With dozens of day trading indicators available, it is understandable that traders, especially beginners, find it difficult to select and study each one individually.

Right? Trading activities will no doubt be more efficient if you already know which indications are profitable. What does the three-day trading indicator mean?

Don’t worry, Donchian Channel, Moving Average and Stochastic Oscillator are important indicators that you may be familiar with.

Why aren’t these three indicators all day trading indicators? In the day trading method, the Donchian Channel is important to highlight patterns and periods.

In all short-term time frames, moving averages increase the accuracy of day trading tactics. Stochastic is a momentum indicator that day traders love because it’s easy to understand. And the following is a detailed explanation of how each indicator is used:

The 3 most effective day trading indicators for beginners

Best and Accurate Forex Indicator for beginners

1. Channel Donchian

In the mid-twentieth century, a trend follower named Richard Donchian designed Donchian to help him spot trends.

The Donchian Channel consists of three lines formed by calculating the moving average: the upper band, the lower band and the middle band or middle line.

The higher band represents the highest price over time, while the lower band represents the lowest. The Donchian canal is the space between the upper and lower bands.

This channel is ideal for day traders who want to monitor charts with short time frames like 1 minute, 5 minutes or 1 hour.

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The Donchian channel helps in observing the market situation, whether it is starting, in an uptrend or in a downtrend. The Donchian Right is traditionally used to identify a breakout position, or a point where price swings out of support or resistance.

If you want to track a longer-term pattern, use the 100-period Donchian channel. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the number of candles in a session and use that as the basis for your trading lookback period.

For example, in a trading session you can count 81 candles. The Donchian channel can then use it as a throwback time to follow the latest trends.

2. Moving average

Moving averages are a simple technical analysis tool that most new traders learn first.

Moving averages are used to determine dynamic support and resistance levels and to indicate the direction of currency price trends.

The moving average settings can be changed as needed, allowing you to choose any time period, whether it’s 15 periods, 20 periods, or even 200 periods.

The shorter the term, the more sensitive are price movements and vice versa.

The longer the moving average period, the more lagged it is. Because it is price data from the last 200 days, the 200-period moving average has a much higher lag rate than the 20-period moving average.

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Essentially, there is no absolute time frame, so find out beforehand which one works best for your approach.

Short-term traders prefer short-term moving averages, while long-term traders prefer long-term moving averages.

Experiment with different time periods until you find the best setting for your plan.

Yes, you should use the demo account feature to avoid losing real money. See the sample chart below, which depicts price activity using the 20-period Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicator for additional information.

3. Stochastic Oscillator

Invented by George C. Lane in the late 1950s, the stochastic oscillator is a popular day trading indicator for anticipating trend reversals.

Stochastic is also effective for finding overbought and oversold levels in forex, stocks, indices and other trading instruments as it focuses on momentum.

Both professional and novice traders can benefit from the stochastic indicator. Stochastic can help improve trading accuracy by using tools like moving averages, trend lines and support-resistance levels to find suitable entry and exit positions.

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These indicators, like moving averages, can be customized in their settings as desired.

To capture multiple signals and divergences, the following chart uses the Percent K Period: 5, Percent D Period: 3, and Smoothing Period: 3 settings.

When the price is still floating in the above chart, the stochastic crossover took place in the overbought zone first. This signals a potential selling opportunity, but hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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The price started falling after some time and confirmation of Donchian channel came. When the SMA – 20 is sloping up and moving above the price, the intraday trend at that point is negative.


The example above shows how three-day trading indicators can work together to help you find the biggest trading opportunities.

You can combine other indicators with these 3-day trading indicators, like MACD and Stochastic or MACD and RSI.

However, there is no such thing as a “holy grail” technique in trading. No matter how well you use a combination of day trading indicators, you still run the risk of losing money due to the wrong signals.

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Therefore, improve your practice to learn when and how to use indicators effectively.

When using indications, you should also consider price action. To increase the accuracy of your research, consider using a price action candlestick pattern instead.

closing words

One thing to keep in mind is that overuse of indicators can be dangerous. Consider whether additional day trading indicators are really needed or not.

Always keep things simple when trading, especially if you are a beginner.

Hence the discussion that we can convey in this informational presentation The 3 most effective day trading indicators for beginners. Hopefully useful, thank you.

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