The 1975 Rili’s ‘Happiness’

The band’s latest album The 1975 was finally released on August 3, 2022. This song itself can also be heard via streaming from Spotify.

The release of this new 1975 song titled “Happiness” coincided with the announcement of the band’s upcoming world tour.

Happiness belongs to the 1975, Describe someone’s feelings

From the lyrics of the song released in 1975, it expresses one’s feelings of love in the form of an invitation.

When the lyrics of “Show Me Your Love” say dare to express your feelings.

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Previously, 1975 songs such as be my fault until Someone Different tells, in fact, of the expression of one’s feelings in a particular relationship.

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In this song, each verse describes the feelings of a man who describes the woman he loves as something precious.

This song itself is included in their latest album titled Be funny in a foreign language.

1975 themselves will also go through a world tour, which was officially announced by them after the release of the single.

Previously, The 1975 had released the song part of the band as her first single after a short break from the music world.

Reported by stereo rubber This tour itself will kick off in North America in November and December. Tickets have been available since August.