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KUALA LUMPUR – Calm down. This is the most appropriate image for celebrity Mizz Nina who is currently the subject of controversy after news of the breakup of her marriage to Noh Salleh surprised many and drew fans’ attention.

By sharing on InstaStory, Mizz Nina or real name Shazrina Azman, 42, still had time to thank everyone who has been channeling love, prayers and support for her, Noh and their adopted son Musa.

“For all the love, prayers and support for Noh, Musa and I (includes a heart-shaped emoji),” wrote Mizz Nina.

In the same message, the socialite, who is also a humanitarian activist, also wrote a prayer for himself.

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The sounds of prayer include a request to be better than people think and to be forgiven for everything that others do not know.

“O Allah, make me better than what they think of me. Forgive what they don’t know about me.

“Don’t consider what they say about me,” he said.

Sharing is Mizz Nina’s latest post after she announced her divorce from Noh last night.

In another message, Mizz Nina also shared a quote from Sura Al-Hujarat verse 12 with a message about negative prejudice and the sin of swearing.

“O believers, stay away from many (negative) assumptions. In fact, some assumptions are sins. And don’t spy or curse each other.

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“Do any of you like your brother’s flesh when he’s dead? you will hate it And fear God, verily God accepts repentance and is merciful,” he shared.

The separation of the couple, who had been married for 11 years, was completed after weighing many aspects before finally amicably separating.

The couple’s domestic unrest was previously rumored to have reached a turning point after it was claimed they were legally divorced yesterday at a Gombak Syariah Lower Court, East Gombak District.

Previously, Noh denied claims his marriage to Mizz Nina was struggling when he was hit by the media on July 13.

The couple married on July 2, 2011.

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Around last April, Noh and Mizz introduced Nina Musa as an adoptive child to beautify their household. – Malaysia Gazette