Stray’s cat has now been modded in Doom

Indie cat adventure Stray has been doing well since its release last week. Well, it seems other games are looking to capitalize on that sweet factor. Cue Stray In Doom, which sends Doomguy away for a break so a cute little kitty can slay some demons in his place. Creator Edy Pagaza tweeted Footage from the mod earlier this week, and you can now try it out for yourself by downloading it from ModDB. You can watch a trailer below. Awww!

Stray In Doom places cats on the demon population of Mars.

Stray In Doom is more brutal than its feline inspiration, but that’s entirely appropriate for the classic shooter. As you can see, the cat’s robotic backpack is now a floating plasma cannon turret. This comes in handy when you’re up against Cacodemons and Spider Masterminds on the surface of Mars.

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Pagaza’s most recent work is the Doom: Shinobi mod, which came out in February and looks like a blast. It’s a third-person mod for GZDoom that transforms the player into a wall-walking ninja with suitably clunky sword slashes, charging attacks, and combos. He’s also made a beat ’em up called Doom Fighters and Doom: Eternal Slayer, another third-person hack ‘n’ slash mod.

Adding a cat isn’t the most imaginative Doom mod out there. Last year, Alice O. pointed to Thatcher’s techbase as an opportunity to send former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher back to Hell. Some modders have even taken the Doom code and made their own full games out of it. Dominic Tarason rounded up some of these for us in 2019, including first-person attempts at Castlevania and Sonic sequels, along with survival horror games and simpler FPSs.

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The Stray In Doom mod is available now and you can download it from Pagaza’s ModDB page.