Stray Chapter 3: How to unlock the door to the apartment

Stray is a travel sport developed by BlueTwelve Studio in which you roam a cybercity inhabited by robots. You play as a stray cat, embark on the journey and complete objectives. While completing Chapter 2 of the game, in Chapter 3 the contestant will find themselves in an abandoned apartment. Get yours here B12 drone Still, a door should be unlocked to get there. I will keep you up to date with this information Learn how to unlock the door to the apartment in Stray Chapter 3.

How to open the door to the apartment in Stray chapter 3

unlock door flat stray

Once you reach the apartment in Stray Chapter 3, you will discover a close the door Unlock. This is the first of 4 doors that you just have to open. The first is due to the fairly easy The unlocking sequence is on the laptop in front of the door. Go to keyboard and Stroll on it 3 events. A sequence of codes forms and opens the door. This opens the following room. There might be another door here that you just need to unlock. To open this door you have to clean up a Puzzle.

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The puzzle wants you to put it together 4 base parts and place them under their respective computers. The scopes of the socket parts are:

  • In the excess of the table within the heart of the room.
  • It’s the second’s turn above the shelf near a wooden stool.
  • The third is on excessive a shelf to the right of the computers. To get there, push the lever after this Climb onto the computer that moved. You might manage to get to the shelf and collect the pedestal half.
  • The ultimate is on the Base of the computer that you moved with the lever.
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Collect the 4 gadgets and it is accessible so you can unlock the doorway to the room B12 is. Just match the path and you’ll get the drone as well. After getting the B12 drone, you will get one key which could open another door principle to a specific door. To open this door you have to go into a room next to her. There will probably be one code sequence on one blackboard specify 3748. Take this code and it will be available for you to open the door.

As soon as you open the door, you leave the apartment and enter the outside world. This was about unlocking the apartment door in Stray Chapter 3. Hopefully this information helped you. You can also check out our completely different guides, e.g How to get past Zurks in litter.

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