Squirrel-style smile “three squirrels” bizarre recruitment also requires a call to the client’s owner

Some netizens posted that the Zijie store “Three Squirrels” in Chongqing hires employees and has “exotic” requirements such as “keep a squirrel-like smile and provide constant services to the owner,” etc. This appeared in a post on the subject “Smile like a squirrel”. hot search. However, the person in charge of the Chongqing Zijie Store also considered the above hiring requirements to be “normal” and even called it “corporate culture.”

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According to the front-page report, during a field visit to the Zijie “Three Squirrels” shop in Chongqing, the clerk did not call the consumer “master,” but only asked about purchasing needs and introduced the products to the shop. When checking out, when I asked the clerk if he was trained to call the customer “master”, the clerk first said “I can’t answer the question” and then called “master”, just a common name, said we will don’t do it Do this while serving. Emphasize intentionally, don’t make customers feel uncomfortable. ,

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However, the clerk’s work clothes read “Master, eat me quick,” and the in-store advertisement said “Master” to customers. According to the Qianjiang Evening News, the person in charge of the “three squirrels” store in Chongqing Zijie said, “The employees are all little squirrels, and calling customers ‘masters’ is one of the ‘three squirrels’ corporate culture. Smile, treat customers. Do it sincerely, call customers ‘masters’, look at personal acceptance (employees) and whoever cannot accept that will fail the test.”

The customer service representatives of “Three Squirrels” on the e-commerce platform refer to customers as “owners”. (taken from cover news)

On the InternetEcommerceOn the platform, the customer service of the online store “Three Squirrels” will also call customers “master” and even add the title “master” to the beginning of each sentence. Most netizens said they “feel uncomfortable,” “it’s a bit embarrassing being called ‘master’ and ‘master’ all the time.” “Master? Don’t you.” , I sure get scared.” Do you dream of going back to the Qing Dynasty? Slave Training Center!”

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It is understood that the “three squirrels” is an Internet food company with a total market value of more than 36 billion yuan (about 5.323 billion U.S. dollars), including nuts, dried meat, dried fruit, puffed rice and Bestor, Baikaowei are together than the Known as the “Big Three of Snacks”.

“Three Squirrels” Chongqing Zijie Store. (taken from cover news)