South Kalimantan Governor H. Sahbirin Noor takes time to visit Tuan Guru Surgi Mufti

WARTABANJAR.COM, BANJARMASIN – Activity of South Kalimantan Governor H. Sahbirin Noor on Saturday (6/8) in the morning before Fajr prayer pilgrimage to the grave of Sheikh Jamaluddin Al-Banjari or commonly called Tuan Guru Surgi Mufti.

At Jalan Sungai Jingah, North Banjarmasin District, South Kalimantan, on the pilgrimage, accompanied by Special Staff H. Achmad Maulana and Head of Administration Office Management H. Berkatullah, Uncle Birin Surah Yasin read and read a prayer to Allah SWT for safety and blessings of the Banua.

“Thank God. This Saturday morning we can make a pilgrimage to the grave of Sheikh Jamaluddin Al Banjari. Hopefully we are all healthy and safe and receive blessings from Allah SWT,” said Uncle Birin.

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This pilgrimage routine is also routinely performed by Uncle Birin. Besides, it is also friendly to the scholars.

Not only in Banua but also outside the region as a form of respect for scholars like Waratsatul Anbiya.

It is known that Sheikh Jamaluddin Al Banjari’s name is still enshrined as the name of Surgi Mufti village in North Banjarmasin.

Tuan Guru Surgi Mufti is one of several Banua clerics whose names are known to this day.

Tuan Guru Surgi Mufti in his story is the son of Haji Abdul Hamid Kosasih and Hj Zaleha.

Tuan Guru Surgi Mufti is the great-grandson or descendant of Sheikh Muhammad Arsyad Al-Banjari or better known as Datuk Kalampayan.

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According to his Zuriah information, Tuan Guru Surgi Mufti was previously born in the year 1243 Hijriah or 1828 AD in the village of Dalam Pagar, Astambul, Martapura.

Tuan Guru Surgi Mufti was also a scholar during his lifetime who acquired a lot of religious knowledge in the holy land of Mecca. (aqu/adpim)

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