Some Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

Sport is now an important part of our daily life. Somewhere in the world, one or the other tournament takes place again and again: be it football, cricket or basketball. There are a large number of fans of these games who follow the games passionately. Some do it because they play the game or have played it in the past, and others do it for the sheer thrill of it. Some people are even interested in these sporting events from a betting perspective, which you can read more about here.

But apart from all these popular games, we also have some lesser known games around the world. Some of these sports are very unique and even have their tournaments. Let’s take a detailed look at some of them. Maybe tune into one of these unique tournaments next time and experience something new.

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woman wears

Yes, as the name suggests, this is a sport where male teammates have to carry their female teammates through an obstacle course. The team that finishes the race in the least amount of time wins the event. The sport originated in Finland and has since been played in Australia, India, the United States and Hong Kong, among others.

underwater hockey

Underwater hockey is just that: ice hockey is played underwater. Two teams compete to get the puck through the other team’s goal. The catch is that players don’t get underwater gear; You have to play the game while holding your breath. Each team consists of 6 players and the game is split into two halves of 10-15 minutes with a 3-minute break in between.

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Yes, Quidditch doesn’t just exist in the Harry Potter universe. The game’s popularity among fans led to its adoption into the real world in 2005. The rules are pretty much the same: 2 teams of 7 members each whose goal is to get the snitch. A slightly deflated volleyball is used for the quaffle, and members score if they can get it through any of the three hoops on the court. What sets Quidditch apart from other games is that it is one of the few coeducational team sports.


Kabaddi is a sport popular in the Indian subcontinent. Two teams with 7 members each compete against each other. An attacker walks into the opposing team’s court and attempts to touch as many of the team’s defenders as possible in a single breath. If the attacker manages to return to their half of the field without being attacked by the other team’s members, their team scores a point equal to the number of players touched by the attacker.

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Zorbing consists of inflated balls made of transparent plastic, the so-called zorbs. Players enter the ball and race down a hill (or flat surface). Some variations of the game also take place in water, because the Zorbs are able to swim. The game is considered an adventure sport and is popular as a pastime in many countries.