So Ariel Noah raises children only in dolls

Peak Media Network – Ariel Noah’s child Alleia Anata has grown up. Ariel Noah recently spoke to Sule about teaching children.

Ariel Noah guest-starred on Sule Production’s YouTube channel. He admits that he is a possessive parent who takes care of his child Alleia Anata.

Nazril Irham or better known as Ariel Noah is an Indonesian musician who is the lead singer-songwriter of the rock band Noah.

Rolling Stone Indonesia included Ariel in the list of Top 50 Indonesian Singers and Top 100 Indonesian Songwriters.

Alleia Anata is Ariel Noah’s only child. Ariel admitted to restricting her children from non-essential activities outside the home.

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Ariel Noah’s attitude was natural considering his daughter had grown and become a teenager.

According to Ariel Noah, his possessive attitude toward Alleia Anata is a form of parental concern. “Actually, possessiveness is more of a protection,” Ariel said.

According to the cool widower, observing kids’ interactions can be quite positive as a parent. Including going home when Alleia Anata is gone.

“When you go out you’ll definitely ask where you’re going and when you’re coming back, um, that’s all,” said the handsome man who was also Lunamaya’s ex-girlfriend.

In the impromptu romance, Ariel Noah admitted he wasn’t holding his daughter back. Instead of forbidding him as a father, he prefers to understand the nature of relationships with the opposite sex.

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“Dating is not forbidden because prohibitions usually lead to being broken. So at least you know what it means in a relationship, what it’s about, what dating is for, etc.,” she explains.