Silent Castle MOD Apk v1.3.6 Latest 2022, Download Here

Silent Castle MOD Apk – Hello all Indomeme friends, back again with the admin here. On this occasion, the admin will report about a game called Silent Castle Apk.

Maybe some of you already know this game. For those who like horror games this game is perfect to play. Curious about the game? Read this article to the end.

Silent Castle game is a simulation game with a horror theme. There are so many tasks that we have to complete in order to level up. See the review below for more details!

Tentang game silent castle mod

As the admin explained above, that the game Silent Castle Apk This is an adventure game with a horror theme. Many horror lovers have played this game.

With a fairly simple gameplay, this game is very easy for us to play on mobile phones. You must be able to complete the missions given in this game.

You must be good at dodging ghost attacks. If you get caught, you perish and go back to where you started.

Silent Castle MOD Apk v1.3.6 Latest 2022, Download Here

But it turns out that this game has two versions namely the original version and the mod. In the original version you have to collect gems and money to be able to buy items in the game.

But if you use the mod version, you can get unlimited gems and get a lot of extra features.

Well, for those of you who want to try the game Silent Castle MODyou can download it directly from the link provided by the admin below.

Link Download Silent Castle MOD game

For links Download Silent Castle MOD Apk, can only be accessed via the browser. If you are confused, you can click the link below to download it.


Just click and download the game now. Open it and play the fun with adventure against all ghosts in the game.


So much information about Silent Castle MOD. Thank you for those of you who read the article I hope this article is useful to all of you.


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