“She likes to make friends happy” – 73-year-old wife reveals S Atan’s good attitude, moves many relatives

In conjunction with the 73rd birthday of composer and album producer S Atan, his wife Norizan Yeob, 58, was honored by the celebration and grateful to be blessed with a good and responsible husband.

Grateful for her beloved husband’s support from all sides, Norizan was moved, because S Atan’s positive attitude has made many people like the personality of the great personality of the past to date.

“Of course, as a wife, I see her determination to continue making her family happy as a gift. However, there is one attitude I see, which is that he likes to make friends around him happy.

“He used to borrow money for the pleasure of others. He really wants to make his friends happy. Tell me there was a time I felt stranger with my own husband.

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“Sometimes I have something to say to him, it can’t be like that. Later people will think differently. It’s just that he likes to see other people happy. But we never thought of giving a reward for that get what we did.

“Even if there is a birthday party specially organized for my husband, I am grateful and touched for him. Many Thanks.

“Many artist friends, friends and fans were in attendance, including from Singapore, although some told us early on that they didn’t have the opportunity to come due to their own limitations, but we understand. I would also like to apologize for the limited capacity,” he said.

When asked if the mystery seems strong to this day, S Atan, who is also the uncle of music director Datuk Ramli MS, is grateful for the strength bestowed by Allah SWT.

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“Alhamdulillah, there really is nothing mysterious. It’s enough for me if I eat (heavy) food once a day. The same applies to sleep quality. Only my left eye can’t see anymore,” he told MH.

He said this while meeting at the 73rd birthday celebration of Haji S Atan Yang at the Royal Chulan Damansara Hotel on Monday.

Meanwhile, businessman Dato Sri Rohaizat Musa, 46, who agreed to celebrate the ceremony as a “gift,” expressed his delight that the ceremony went smoothly as expected.

“If possible, I want his birthday to be a meaningful moment this time, the best memory. In fact, many high-ranking celebrities are present, which indirectly indicates the existence of a good relationship with him. My wife and I are also interested in him,” he said.

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Earlier on May 14th, a special tribute concert was organized specifically to honor SA Atan’s service of more than four decades in coloring the local music industry through a series of memorial-using hymns.

The Cahaya Aidilfitri Concert – A Tribute to S. Atan with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) conducted by conductor Ahmad Muriz Che Rose was also honored with performances by three trusted Malaysian singers namely Datuk Jamal Abdillah, Jay Jay and Azlina Aziz .

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