Sharpen Blade Mod Apk 1.16.0 Unlimited Money Latest Version 2020

Sharpen blade mod apk

Download Sharpen Blade Mod Apk 1.16.0 Unlimited Money Latest Version 2020 – Sharpen Blade is a simulation game of making various carpentry tools, knives, axes, machetes and others.

In this game we can learn how to craft a knife with very good results.

The Sharpen Blade gaming application itself is less popular, but as usual, if the application is liked both in terms of the game and other things, it will be popular on its own.

Well, as on this occasion, we are going to thoroughly review Sharp Blade game so that your insight into the current number of games will be broader.

Check the game Sharpen Blade

Sharpen Blade Mod Apk - Sharpen Blade Mod Apk 1.16.0 Unlimited Money Latest Version 2020

Sharpen Blade mod is a game that belongs to Simulation category. Users can play this game simply by looking at the iron material that appears when the game starts.

At level 1 in this game you can later craft a big knife with a unique shape, at the beginning of the game you only get simple iron material like a board which you then have to design with the iron scraper provided.

To design it you have to be careful, if the manufacturing process doesn’t match the shape or even more than expected then it’s game over. The more interesting thing about this game is that you can create more than one carpenter tool design so this can be used as an example if you are an iron craftsman.

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In blade sharpening game there are many levels from level 1 to 25 for you to play in a relaxed and fun way. Of course, by following the design shape of the knife or ax being made. After scraping the iron several times, you will get a knife handle.

When the knife is ready, you can attach the knife handle and use it to test cut the food provided by the sharpened blade. At the time of testing the knife you made, you are excellent at cutting the food. After successfully sharing the meal, you will receive a Mystery Gift in the form of $ dollars.

At this point the mission will be complete and later you will be taken to the next level. For the results of the puzzle gift, you can later collect as much as possible. So what should we do at the next level?

On the next level you will get an example of the knife you made. The method is the same as in level one. Design carefully so that the knife can be made perfectly. All games have the same storyline, as long as you can play it well you will avoid the game.

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For more details on how to play the Sharpen Blade game, please watch the video below to the end.

How easy is not to play this game?

Download Sharpen Blade MOD APK

If we talk about sharpen blade game, it turns out that this game has a mod apk version where you can get a lot of convenience. As usual, in every mod version there are things that are paid for free.

In this opportunity we will inform you about the Sharpen Blade Mod Apk application for free. We do this because you cannot download this application through Play Store for Android users and it is not in App Store for iPhone users.

For those of you who are curious what it’s like to play the Sharpen Blade mod version, please just download the application below.


Detailed information on the application can be found below.

Sharpen Blade MOD APK information

Nama game Sharpen blade MOD
execution 1.15.0
file size 21.18MB
category simulation / simulation
Os Android 5.1 or higher
developer ZPLAY GAME

Cara Install Sharpen Blade Mod

Regarding the installation, you can see it below.

  1. First, select Settings / Preferences on your mobile phone.
  2. Next select Security / Security.
  3. Then select Unknown Source / Unknown Source. Then allow it.
  4. Then go back to the application and click Install.
  5. Wait for the application to finish installing.
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Once the application has been installed, you can immediately start playing Sharpen Blade games directly. Then what are the advantages of this modified version of the application?

Advantages of Sharpen Blade Mod APK

The advantage if we play Sharpen Blade game in mod version is that there is unlimited money feature. This is the main goal of developers creating mod versions of applications. This way players can play more freely and don’t have to play hard.

Each mod version of the application is certainly very popular, considering that it is like instant play, what you need is available without having to worry about it, you don’t even have to make top-ups that require money or credit.

Well that is the explanation for Sharpen Blade Mod Apk application. For those of you who are curious, please play in this version to get big money.

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That’s all we can say, hopefully this review is useful, stay wise even if you’re playing in the mod version, friends. Wait for our next review