Servant of Satan 2 Movie Successfully Reaches 500,000 Views in One Day!

An absolute feat was delivered by Joko Anwar, the director of the horror film Pengabdi Setan 2.

The sequel to this film brings a lot of scary scenes that successfully make the viewer tremble, goosebumps and of course also scare.

Exactly yesterday August 4, 2022 this movie was officially enjoyed by movie lovers in the nearest cinema.

Servant of Satan 2 reaches 500,000 viewers before it can be shown on IMAX

servants of Satan 2

Not only 500,000 viewers is an achievement of this film, but the DMR process that this film goes through is of course also an achievement of the director.

This second version of Servant of Satan has successfully undergone DMR, a process that must be passed in order for this film to be screened at IMAX.

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servants of Satan 2

This film was also the first film from Asia to go through this process and be viewed through IMAX.

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Despite this, there are still many viewers who criticize the storyline of the story of a family who fled to this Rusunami.

The story of the mother’s endless terror is still criticized by people who have a different perception of the Indonesian film industry.