Secret tricks to win Mobile Legends games fast – Games almost similar to Dota are on the rise. Because this game is usually played by all over the world, how come it can be worldwide. The game is very fun and at the same time you can collaborate with other users. the game is Game Mobile Legends – Bang bang Apk.

But don’t worry buddy, this time I will share information about some secret tricks to win mobile legend apk game. and this trick you have to use on every Hero Mobile Legends

For those who haven’t tried this Mobile Legends online game, I suggest trying it. because the game can be played online on any smartphone user. You can work together with your friends to win this game.

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So, let’s just talk about it

1. Make sure the internet connection signal is always stable

Why do you need stable connection in Mobile Legends game as Mobile Legends game is online game played in different countries? at the same time, any online user can be played,

Therefore, if the connection is not stable, you will likely experience lag. It will be difficult for the attack to hit the enemy if the connection is not stable, you can be sure that my friend will lose. Then check the connection first before playing Mobile Legends game

2. Heroes that fit into a team

Here I do not recommend using a strong hero for my friend. because all heroes are equally strong. but here I prioritize teamwork between heroes,

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A team must have Hero-type Assassins, Mages, Tankers, and Snipers. Well, when the hero is complete with this type, make sure my friend wins. Don’t forget to always prioritize teamwork

3. Customize the emblem on the required hero

In addition to choosing a hero, you must choose an emblem that is suitable for the hero, because when attacking, you must prioritize power and energy to defeat the enemy.

In standard hero powers, emblems are required to add strength, speed, ranged attack, and other benefits. Therefore, always watch from the master of the game Mobile Legends,

4. Always add Skill in Emblem

5. Choosing the right skill

This is the hardest thing, if you are a beginner you will find Capability or magic equipment appropriate if not appropriate in selection. it will be difficult to defeat the enemy.

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6. Prioritizing leveling at the beginning of the game

Before playing, make sure you do this first level hero Dude. because the higher the hero level, the stronger hero skills you have. So, to speed up hero leveling, you need to defeat Creeps or Monsters in the forest and hit Small Soldiers on the enemy.