R&R Tapah gets praise, high mannered fruit vendors, service like a 5 star hotel!

When you get tired of driving, one of the places that focuses on resting is the Rest and Treatment Stop, or R&R.

Of course, this crowded place requires a clean and comfortable environment for public facilities. In addition, fruit and food stalls are available for those who wish to dine.

What’s interesting recently went viral over sharing a woman Nurhidayah Jaafar the R&R Tapah praised. He said the service from the fruit seller there was like that of a five-star hotel.

Meanwhile, his partnership also garnered the support of other citizens who had experienced similar treatment.

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Behind the career as “Mr. Pilot”.

Before that I stopped at RnR Tapah, Perak to eat. There are many fruit stalls along the walkway leading to the toilet and prayer hall.

I stopped at this one fruit stand. “Give me a pineapple. One more thing, um, Honey Dew.”

“RM6, little sister!” said the seller.

What captured my heart at the time wasn’t the fruit he sold, but his manners and refined culture.

When he handed me the scales, he did so.

1. He arranged 4 pieces of one ringgit notes neatly and in the same order.

2. The bill was before my eyes. as we read. Not upside down.

3. He holds the money with both hands.

4. While bowing slightly and saying “thank you.”

Wow! I just bought fruit from RnR. It feels like being served by the restaurant staff of a five star hotel.

When people hand in their business cards to be remembered, the fruit mill already has its own “business card” for me. That’s the good manners and culture of serving customers.

Meanwhile, many citizens praised the fruit seller. Some say that this type of etiquette needs to be taught in the family, especially the children.

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Source: Nurhidayah Jaafar

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