Price update for packaged and cereal snack box cakes (various menus) – price and tariff list 2022

Snack box is an important treat at a big event like seminar, meeting, training or other event. Some caterers usually sell snack boxes at a price per pack, so you don’t have to decide on a pack.

Different variants of wet cakes (source:
Different variants of wet cakes (source:

Choosing the right snack box is not only a question of taste or the variant of the snack, but also has to take into account the type of event. If the participants are executives, do not give away treats in the form of 1 or 2 cakes. After all, you give 4 to 5 cakes with different variants.

In addition to the variety and number of cakes, the packaging must also be taken into account. If you need a snack box for a children’s birthday party, the cake packaging must of course be packed with festive colors or comic pictures according to the children’s taste. It all still has to adjust to the skills and budget you have.

Some caterers usually sell snack boxes at a price per pack, so you don’t have to decide on a pack. When you buy a snack box package, it usually comes with a glass of drinking water as well. If you want to buy per seed, you can also buy at grain price. For example, the table below provides a price list for purchasing packaged snack boxes from Royal Snack Box Jakarta.

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Packaged snack box prices

Types of snack box packages Price
Package 1 (Solo Chicken Soup, Combro, Sweet Beauty) Rp14,500
Package 2 (Bakwan Shrimp, Spiced Sticky Rice, Banana Cake) Rp15,500
Package 3 (Chicken Lemper, Fish Panada, Solo Serabi) Rp16,500
Package 4 (Arem-Arem, Pastel Ayam, Wo-Wo) Rp18,000
Package 5 (Semar Mendem, Gabin Ragout, Dadar Gulung) Rp18,500
Package 6 (Beef Samosa, Risol Mayonnaise, Marble Cake) Rp19,500
Package 7 (Egg Martabak, Chicken Risol, Soes Eclair) Rp20,000
Package 8 (Chicken Pastel, Tofu Rolade, Banana Moles) IDR 21,000
Package 9 (Chicken Spring Rolls, Beef Bread, Brownies) IDR 21,500
Package 10 (Chicken Croquettes, Fish Panada, Fruit Pie, Lapis Legit) Rp24,000
Package 11 (Gabin Ragout, Lemper Ayam, Where-Where, Lemon Cake) Rp24,500
Package 12 (Shrimp Bakwan, Arem-Arem, Banana Molen, Taiwan Soes) Rp27,500
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We have summarized the prices for packed snack boxes at Royal Snack Jakarta at the top of the official website. The price of the snack box is not fixed and can change at any time. Compared to 2020, snack box price at Royal Snack Box Jakarta increased slightly in 2021 and 2022. For example, the snack box package 1, which costs Rp 13,000 in 2020, will increase slightly to Rp 13,500 in 2021 and increase again to Rp 14,500 in 2022.

Illustration: Snack cake (Facebook: Dapur Panglima)
Illustration: Snack cake (Facebook: Dapur Panglima)

Price snack box (grain)

cake name price per seed
jelly Rp1,650
Nagasari Bandung Rp1,700
Omelet Bun Rp2,000
mead Rp2,000
nuts Rp2,000
Klepon Rp2,200
Mixed Pastels (Grass + Egg) Rp2,500
Lemper Rp2,600
chocolate brownies Rp2,700
Normal sausage Rp2,700
Risole mayonnaise Rp2,750
Risoles chicken ragout Rp2,800
pudding Rp2,950
click Rp3,000
Steamed sponge flowers Rp3,000
potato mud Rp3,000
Semar is drunk Rp3,000
your bottle Rp3,000
Tiramisu Rp3,000
Meatball Tofu Rp3,000
Talam cake Rp3,000
Legitimate Shift Rp3,000
Fried Timlo Rp3,500
Where where Rp3,500
Hong Kong Rp3,600
Risoles meat stew Rp3,900
Chicken Martabak Rp4,000
Divided Rp4,000
look up Rp4,000
Prol. NYES Rp4,000
Potato croquette ragout + chicken Rp4.399
Chicken Pastels Rp5,000
pastel Rp5,000
Meat Martabak Rp5,000
sus fruit Rp5,000
Meat Pastels Rp5,500
jellyroll Rp5,500
Potato croquette ragout + meat Rp6,000
martabak Rp6,500
Fruit silk pudding Rp6,800
Putu Ayu Rp7,000
Risole Rp7,000
Chocolate Potato Donuts Rp7,500
Chicken sprouts spring rolls Rp8,000
arem-arem Rp8,000
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Prices applicable to a place that sells cakes may differ from other places. The price of the cake menu above is also subject to change at any time. Compared to 2020, the piece cake price has increased in 2021 and 2022. For example, the buns, priced at Rp 2,000 in 2020, will rise to Rp 4,500 in 2021 and rise again to Rp 5,500 in 2022.

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