Price of Nagata Drill Cloth Various Sizes – Price List & Tariff 2022

Drill fabric is a type of fabric with a unique texture with a fairly strong thread. This fabric is often used as a material for uniforms and other formal wear. Of the many drill fabrics, the Japanese brand Nagata is very popular in the market because of its smooth texture, although the retail price is still in the tens of thousands per meter.

Kain Drill Nagata (Source:
Kain Drill Nagata (Source:

If you are unfamiliar, drill fabric is a type of fabric that is spun with a unique texture, namely diagonal and bias. The basic materials are polyester and cotton, but each type of twill fabric has a different proportion of cotton and polyester. In the early days of fabric manufacture, drill fabrics with a base color of khaki (brown) were often used to make military clothing.

Out of the many brands, Nagata Drill is one of the most well-known fabric brands from the Japan Drill fabric type. The Japan drill fabric is made of a higher cotton composition than polyester.[1] Not only the composition of more cotton, Nagata Drill fabric has a good quality with relatively stable dimensions in each fold and shrinkage.

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The composition of the Nata Drill fabric has thick yarn fibers but remains cool in use. Although this nagata cloth contains more cotton/cotton, this material is not suitable for making t-shirts. The following are details of Nagata Drill fabric specifications,

Product Specification Nagata Drill Fabric

  • Material Content: Cotton and Polyester.
  • Grammage: 210 – 215 g/m².
  • Haptic: very smooth.
  • Depreciation level: non-depreciable.
  • Material advantages: absorb sweat, not easy to wrinkle, not shrink, strong fabric resistance, color not easy to fade and smooth surface.
  • Suggested Use: Field Shirts (PDL), office uniforms, school uniforms, government and company uniforms, alma mater coats, work coats, tactical shirts, and formal pants.

Advantages of Nagata Drill Cloth

  • The color lasts and does not fade quickly.
  • In general, Nagata Drill has a high cotton content, so it feels cool when worn.
  • Gentle on the skin’s surface.
  • Thick yarn.
  • It is neater when used.
  • Can absorb water well, so is not hot on the skin.
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Disadvantages of Nagata Drill Cloth

  • Some Nagata products have color characteristics that fade easily.
  • Nagata drill cloth is heavy for some people.
  • Nagata drill cloth has a relatively higher price compared to other types of drill cloth, such as B. American Drill.
Figure: Nagata Drill Uniform (Source:
Figure: Nagata Drill Uniform (Source:

If you are determined to buy Nagata Drill Cloth, here we present you with the current price information in the market.

Nagata drill cloth price

Nagata Drill Cloth Length Price
Kain drill Nagata 0.5 meters Rp24,000
Kain drills Nagata 1 meter Rp45,000
Kain Drill Nagata 1.5 meters Rp82,000
Kain Drill Nagata 1 roll Rp1,470,000

Keep in mind that the price of Nagata Drill Cloth is subject to change based on seller policies. You can buy nagata drill fabrics at your nearest fabric store or conveniently order them through trusted online buy and sell sites. Besides Nagata Drill from Japan, there are drill fabrics from America, so what is the difference between the two types of fabric?

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Difference between Nagata Drill and American Drill Fabric

  • In terms of materials, Nagata Drill is made from natural cotton fibers or also known as cotton, while American Drill is made from cotton fibers mixed with polyester. Of course, this also affects the price. The price of natural cotton base fabrics without blends will be more expensive.
  • In terms of texture and material, these two fabrics look similar. Both areas are lined diagonally. However, Nagata’s line gauge is slightly larger than American’s, and Nagata’s fabric is thicker and more flexible.

American Drill and Nagata Drill are equally suitable for uniform materials. For those of you who want thick and high quality fabrics, you can choose Nagata Drill fabric. However, if you want to make high quality uniforms at a cheaper price, you can choose American Drill fabric.

[1] writing team. 2020. Production of K3 Personal Protective Equipment. Jakarta: YPR Group, p. 421