Payangan Beach, an exotic marine tourism paradise, Jember Regency, East Java – Payangan Beach Tourism is one of the tourist attractions in Jember Regency, which is visited by many tourists from home and abroad.

The reason for this is that in addition to the very interesting beach, the natural panorama is also presented in an untouched nature. So that the people who come there are really refreshed from the fatigue due to their daily activities.

So if you’re vacationing there or stopping by while visiting the town of Jember, you’re guaranteed not to lose any money. You will find a new atmosphere in the field of nature tourism.

Because of this, Jember, one of the cities in East Java, has an abundance of nature tourism, most of which are beaches. Because the Jember region is in direct contact with the Indian Ocean.

So it goes without saying that there are many beaches in the city. However, this does not exclude the fact that there are many other natural attractions in Jember. Speak among them like waterfalls, mountains, jungles and others. But this time we will talk about Payngan beach.

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Payangan Beach address and location map

The wind is cool, the waves are not too big and many fishermen are looking for fish. Make the beach so beautiful and attractive. So it’s a pity if you miss it if you visit Jember.

Therefore, you need to know where the beach is located. Geographically, the beach is located in Payangan hamlet, Semberejo village, Ambulu district, Jember, East Java. The beach has 4 beach sections, then 3 hills and the last one is 1 island.

If you want to go to Payangan Beach from the city center, please follow the directions as follows. Start in town and then follow the signs to the Ambulu area. Once at Ambulu Junction, head south and follow the signs to Watu Ulo. After arriving at the Watu Ulo site, continue the journey by continuing to follow the road until you get stuck, then you will reach Payangan Beach.

Features of Payangan Beach

As mentioned above, Payangan Beach has calm and natural sea conditions. So don’t be surprised if there aren’t many fishermen using it to find fish there. If you come there, you can directly buy the fishermen’s catch in the morning after fishing. You can also watch the activities of the fishermen returning from the sea with their catch.

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From the physical condition of Payangan Beach, the beach has a black sand section. Which is at the edge of the beach interspersed with some grass. What if you want to capture the moment of sunset or sunrise then the beach is very suitable to be the answer. Many people visit them while they are holding activities. They set up tents to camp at the edge of the beach. In addition, the atmosphere of the people around the beach is very friendly.

On Payangan Beach there is an interesting place where you will feel at home. The place is called Love Bay. Love Bay is a place on the easternmost part of Payangan Beach. The location is about 200 meters from Payangan beach parking lot. You can see Love’s Bay from the top of a hill called Sheep Hill. It doesn’t take much time to descend the Hill of Sheep. Because the hill is not too high and they charge 5000 to enter.

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facilities provided

Although Paangan Beach is still natural, the facilities are also quite adequate compared to the others. Facilities that you can enjoy at Payangan Jemer Beach include the following. There are various facilities such as adequate toilets. This means the place is pretty good and can accommodate visitors. Next is a motorcycle or car parking lot where the parking fee is Rp. 3500 for motorcycles and Rp. 5000 for cars.

Also, for those of you who want to stay overnight, there is a campsite (Savannah on the south side) where you can pitch a tent. You don’t have to worry about perus roncongan business as there are also stalls owned by the residents. That is Payangan beach explanation, hopefully it can be useful and thanks.