OMG! This woman is looking for 3 girlfriends for her husband; Also pays 32 thousand

No woman in the world would want the entry of ” Sautan ” in her life. But what if a woman insists on bringing other women into her relationship to “please” her husband? The woman announced to be found 3 girlfriends for her husband through strange advertising. One was found; two more are wanted. This woman’s story is now making the headlines on social media. So let us know what happened that a woman set out to destroy the world she settled herself.

According to a report published in Thaiger, a woman named Pathima posted a video on Tiktok saying she is looking for three women who can take care of her husband and children. In return, they also receive a salary of 32,000 rupees per month. Patthima, 44, says she’s serious about hiring three girlfriends for her husband. She said she battles depression. Sleeping pills need to be taken daily to help them fall asleep quickly. Because of this, she cannot give her husband the happiness of a woman.

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She has to do an HIV test.

Patthima says the women who apply will need their HIV test. According to the ad, the age should be between 30 and 35 years, and they should also be educated. Your stay and meals are free. The video of this strange job offer to Patthima has gone viral on social media.

people who do things like that

In the video, the woman says: “I guarantee there will be no argument between us. We will stay together and take care of each other. Apart from that, the wife has also said that she will give her husband the freedom to choose who he wants to live or sleep with. Now in this video people are talking about different things. Some people have called it a cheap publicity stunt to get famous. However, Pathima says she takes his point seriously.

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