OC Spa Blast: A jury decides if the human made a bomb that destroyed the shop and killed its owner

ORANGE COUNTY, California (KABC) — It was a terrible explosion that destroyed Spa Magyar Kozmetica and killed the owner in 2018.

In the federal court filing, prosecutors mentioned that the one who did it was Stephen Beal.

You mentioned that the film was an offense of passion. Spa owner Ildiko Krajnyak broke up with him.

“Was this relationship one of many ways that didn’t go in the direction the defendant needed, and as a result he took issues into his own arms and got them out of hand,” said Lou Shapiro, an attorney who spoke to Eyewitness Information and is not related to the case.

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Prosecutors said Beal became obsessed and sent many emails, poems, letters and playing cards to Karjnyak. They mentioned that their co-workers had warned them that he was controlling and possessive.

Prosecutors also mentioned that Beal was the one who knew Krajnyak, had access to the spa and also had the special experience to be able to build a bomb. His pastime was mannequin rockets.

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Investigators discovered 130 kilos of pyrotechnic chemical substances in his apartment.

“If you look at all the circumstantial evidence with the truth that he bought the components, the wires, the same battery that was used in the bomb just a week earlier, there may just be too much overwhelming evidence for a jury to admit saying it’s all just a coincidence,” Shapiro said.

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The prosecutors named for protection made a hasty judgment.

The FBI assumed that since he may have built a bomb, he should have built a bomb, and he believes that was a presumption of guilt.

“So protection will say there’s a big difference between going to the store and buying these supplies and having another option to build a bomb and kill someone with it,” Shapiro said.

The jury is expected to begin deliberating this case on Monday, August 8th.

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