Netflix no credit card sign-up trick with just a debit card

Netflix no credit card sign-up trick with just a debit card – Netflix is ​​a subscription service that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, etc. on devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or Windows PC.

You only pay a monthly subscription fee and you can access all content like movies and TV series on Netflix. You can also try the Netflix trial for free.

However, to sign up for a Netflix trial, you will need a credit card. How do I sign up for Netflix without a credit card? Can you sign up for Netflix without a credit card?

Turns out it worked. Yes, you can do this without a credit card. How one? The trick is to use direct debit.

Then the monthly fee from Netflix will be debited from your savings account by direct debit at a certain rate.

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You don’t have to incur bank debt with a credit card when you use direct debit. It is definitely safer and more convenient to use a debit card than a credit card.

How do I sign up for the Netflix service with just a debit card without a credit card? This method is quite simple, see explanation.

How to sign up for Netflix with a debit card

register netflix without credit card
  1. Make sure the bank you use has the Indonesia online direct debit facility. I use BNI and it supports online debit cards, not credit cards. Just ask VCN number (Type REQ(space)VCN(space)380000) to sign up for Netflix via online direct debit.
  2. Open Netflix from any device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android or a browser on a Windows PC or Mac OS X or macOS. I registered Netflix through a browser on a Mac.
  3. Sign up for a free trial of Netflix with one click Sign up for a month for free.
  4. Select the Netflix subscription you want.
  5. Register by creating a new email username and password.
  6. Enter the online direct debit information received during the BNI VCN request.
  7. Enter all charge details in credit card details. It’s still a free trial, so you won’t be billed for anything.
  8. If it works, you will need to enter a phone number for the Netflix password recovery option.
  9. You can then make various settings, e.g. B. what device you are using, who is watching, selected movies and others, just choose what you want. Work through everything until you reach the Netflix home page to start the 1-month free trial.
  10. After successful registration in the house, there is the possibility to verify the cell phone number. click send code to send the code to the number.
  11. Enter verification number what you get
  12. Now you can use Netflix free trial without credit card. All you have to do is use the Netflix free trial and enjoy all the movies and videos that are out there.
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You will not be charged for a free trial using this direct debit. Your savings account is safe for up to a month.

It is highly recommended to use mobile banking to be able to check whether the money in the savings account is reduced or not. It should not be reduced.

This is the trick to signing up for Netflix with a debit card without a credit card. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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