NBA tightens foul penalty, tournament play-in here to stay

Silver stated in early June that the penalty for fouls would change, but cautioned that the brand-new rule could still be adjusted in the years to come.

LAS VEGAS — The NBA has completed the method of adjusting the transition take foul rule, ending years of debate over what to do with the long-maligned tactic.

And as expected, the play-in event could be round for the foreseeable future.

The league’s board of directors finalized those two issues on Tuesday, approving a plan to award a free throw when groups are robbed by the take foul – in addition to removing the “experimental” designation from the post-season play-in factor.

“Typically, our assembly has been optimistic,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “People are happy that next season we could be on our normal path at the start of the season. in terms of our protocols around the sport, significantly in terms of the well-being and safety of our players.

It came as no shock that the league modified the penalty for fouls; Silver told The Related Press in early June that this was changing, but cautioned that the brand new rule could still be adjusted in the years to come.

The take foul – in which the defender does not play the ball – is what the league describes as one that happens both “during a shot on goal alternative in transition or immediately after a change of possession, as well as earlier when the offensive staff has had an opportunity to advance.” the ball.” Exceptions are the last 2 minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime.

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The brand new penalty for such a foul is a free throw, which any competitor may attempt on the baton in play at the time of the foul, and continued possession of the ball.

Silver raised many different points, along with:

The NBA had a staggering 12 months of the fiscal year, with revenue over $10 billion for the first time and basketball revenue of $8.9 billion, according to another report.

Silver said the numbers are pretty robust considering the league continues to grapple with a pandemic, and it hasn’t been long since some have questioned whether or not the game will survive the virus — not least in in the sense of whether people wanted to collect it again or not.

“I was a little shocked by the numbers because they beat forecasts and the forecasts reflect the direction in which our company is headed,” said Silver. “I think it’s pretty extraordinary where we came from two and a half years ago.”

Kevin Durant has signed another 4 years with the Brooklyn Nets and his trade request was one of the biggest stories of the offseason.

It wasn’t one that Silver particularly loved.

“This has to be a two-way street,” Silver explained. “Groups offer players great security and guarantees, and in return they are expected to reach their end of reduced price. There are always behind-closed-door conversations between players and reps and groups, but we don’t prefer to see players making trade requests, and we don’t prefer to see it how things are going best.”

The play-in event was largely viewed as a success, so it came as no shock that the league is keeping it.

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The play-in event – in its current form – has been used in each of the last two seasons, the court groups finishing in seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth in East and West meet for the last two Playoffs to play to find places every convention.

The No. 7 baton takes on the No. Eight baton, with the winner securing the No. 7 spot in the playoffs. The #9 stick plays the #10 stick, with the loser eliminating and the winner taking over the stick that misplaced the 7-8 recovery. The winner of this matchup is seed set 8.

It was a success, largely because it gives a real sense of March Insanity – four elimination games before the start of the playoffs – and gives additional groups an incentive not to bet on higher odds in the draft lottery.

Additionally, 2020 saw a play-in factor in the reboot bubble at Walt Disney World when Portland beat Memphis for eighth place in the Western Convention. Memphis may have gotten the No. Eight this 12 month by beating Portland twice; The Blazers only wanted to win one game to secure the spot.

Stress management – the extravagant amount of time a player has to sit down to relax – has been an issue for the league and its groups of late. Silver said talks are continuing with the Gamers’ Association as the Edges are more concerned in negotiations for the next collective settlement.

The league has recently taken steps to make the schedule extra player-friendly, fueled by sleep science and other insights. The routes of 4 video games in 5 nights have been eliminated, instances of back-to-back video games have decreased, and the league has even worked to keep groups in the same street town for back-to-back video games to limit travel over the course of a season.

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However, one participant usually continues to sit. Silver claims it might be time to consider adding cash as an incentive to usually play more.

“I’m all for committed contracts,” Silver said. “But maybe some extra money needs to be based mostly on the number of games played and the results of those games based on your typical insured contracts. I mean it is. Most industries work where there is monetary incentive – even for extremely paid executives for efficiency.”

The NBA and NBPA have introduced a brand new program – jointly funded – to receive monies for approximately 115 ABA players who have played no fewer than three seasons but have not certified for NBA retirements. You will receive “Recognition Funds” of $3,828 per 12 months of service.

“Our players have a real sense of appreciation for individuals who have paved the way and helped us achieve the success we are enjoying right now,” said Tamika Tremaglio, NBPA Govt Director. “We have always thought of ABA players becoming part of our fraternity and are proud to finally recognize them with this win.”

Silver said the league and players “felt an obligation to act on behalf of former ABA players who are aging and, in many cases, struggling financially.” Activities/nba/nba-stiffens-take-foul-penalty-keeping-play-in-tournament/507-81fb8014-c391-4c8b-9e16-5a12166576e6 Event play-in here to stay