My husband really likes this greasy rice sauce, he can pinch it when he eats it

Sambal rice

This nasi lemak has become the breakfast of Malaysians. If possible, it is okay to eat nasi lemak every morning. The main thing is that the sambal nasi lemak must be tasty and really strong.

Want to get this delicious sambal nasi lemak, some are willing to teach it in class. Because everyone already knows that nasi lemak is meaningless without delicious sambal.

This wife, Farhah Azman, shares her husband’s favorite sambal recipe. Uniquely, no garlic is used in this sambal made, let alone belacan.

For those of you who are allergic to belacan, it is good to try this special sambal nasi lemak.

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My husband likes Sambal Nasi Lemak so much. Not runny, you can pinch the sambal while eating. Make this sambal without garlic, without belacan, but I think that’s why my husband asked me to make this sambal to eat with other side dishes, especially with fatty cooking sauce.”

Whenever Farhah shares her husband’s favorite sambal nasi lemak, many people ask for the recipe. And that’s the shared recipe. “My prescription is normal. Hope everyone likes it.”

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This is a recipe for sambal nasi lemak in pinches

I make a lot of this recipe so I can save it for once.

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Mix ingredients:
dry pepper 1 handful
Big red pepper 2 handfuls
big red onion 3 pieces, there are a lot of onions here, the sweetness of the onions is important
A hand full anchovies.
These ingredients are all well mixed.

Brown sugar
That’s enough flour.

After mixing, heat the fire, add plenty of oil, then add the ingredients for the mixture, then add the brown sugar.

There is a secret to wanting a dark sambal color. This is where sugar comes in early.

Then break the oil, add water, then break the oil again, add water, tamarind and salt again. 3 oil breaks yes.

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Estimated cooking time is 2-3 hours to make thick sambal. I usually like 3 hours and up. It’s really thick like this.

Don’t forget to make a simple fire. Don’t make a big fire.

I forgot to tell you. If you want to sprinkle anchovies in the middle of preparing the sambal, you can do that. It is very tasty!

Try it.

Source/Photo: Farha Azman

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