Music Bank win, ATEEZ adds trophy case for “Guerrilla.”

8 talented guys who are members of ATEEZ once again enrich the music program with songs with their winning trophy case come backShe.

Today (05/08) KBS has finished presenting the performances of South Korean idols with the latest songs and their debut in music programs. music bank.

ATEEZ scores at Music Bank with “Guerrilla” (Photo: KBS)

Along with the song titled “Guerrilla”, ATEEZ managed to excel in Indonesia music bank and scored a total of 8,474 points, beating STAYC, who finished second with 5,158 points for “Beautiful Monster.”

Now ATEEZ has 3 winner trophies for “Guerrilla” and their 9th win since their debut in 2018.

Congratulations to ATEEZ and ATINY on their fifth win for “Guerrilla” in the music program! (

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