More than 10 Dutch players fall and collide in the Tour of Burgos

A Dutch freelancer fell on a speed bump just 700 meters from the finish line on the 3rd of the second stage of the Tour of Burgos in Spain, forcing many behind to chase.

AFP reported that the accident happened at the end of the road from Vivar del Cid to Villadigo when about a dozen runners running at 50 kilometers per hour fell to the ground.

Video source: YouTube All Cycling

Dutch Jumbo Visma team player David Decker was the first to crash onto the speed bump, causing a series of unintentional rear-end collisions. He suffered only abrasions and no fractures.

French team AG2Rsocial mediaTwitterIn a post on Twitter, player Damien Touse has “a head injury and an accidental injury”; He was conscious when he was taken to the hospital.

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Tazzer’s teammate Clement Berthet has broken a finger and will be treated tonightoperationBoth had to withdraw from the next tournament.

Spanish Caja Rural players Orluis Auler and David González López were also injured in the accident. Both had to retire due to a broken arm and an elbow concussion.

Jannik Steiml from the Belgian Team Quick-Step also had to give up with a broken collarbone.

Decker’s team, Jumbo Visma, eventually reclaimed the top three in the race. Timo Rousseau defeated Edoardo Fini and Chris Harper to win the championship.

The accident at the Giro d’Or in Spain. (European News Agency)