Massive Netizens Mewek, MV “FOREVER 1” by SNSD What is the Cause?

Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, reap different reactions Internet users Music videos about South Korea come back them as described in the Theqoo community forum.

On Friday August 8th, 2022, SNSD released their latest music video for the song “FOREVER 1”, their first comeback in 5 years and to celebrate 15 years of their career in the South Korean music scene.


Not just expected by fans, MV come back SNSD was also witnessed by Internet users South Korea. You have given various interesting answers about Theqoo.

“I’m a fan of other groups but I always listen to them and like them hehe”

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“Very nice, the song is very refreshing”,

“Sounds like a song for the Olympics”,

“It was like 2008 or 2009, I couldn’t take it and I cried,”

“It’s not a song you’ll like on first listen, but SNSD’s song is real and doesn’t sound casual, so I think they chose the song well. Yoona looks very young, she looks like she did when she debuted.”

“I’m not a fan, but why am I crying?”,

“I’m very emotional right now, they’re all very beautiful, beautiful to look at,” and various other comments.

Did you see the music video? come back from SNSD with this song “FOREVER 1”? (

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