LCS case: MACC is unable to disclose the details of the investigation

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is unable to disclose the details of the investigation into the construction project of six littoral combat ships (LCS) for use by the Royal Malaysian Navy (LMN) because it involves the sensitivity and interference of many parties.

MACC Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki said that MACC forwarded the investigation paper to the Attorney General’s Office but could not disclose any further details related to the matter.

“The investigation into the matter has indeed been ongoing for many years, now I do not wish to disclose what stage the investigation is at and what the outcome will be in order to maintain sensitivity.

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“A lot of people question whether we (MACC) are not conducting an investigation, many times I have said that MACC has already conducted investigations and is in the final stages of the investigation. I’ve said that many times.

“I have to remain sensitive about the investigation and also about the confidentiality of the case because it affects not only the MACC but also other agencies, including the Attorney General’s Office,” he told a news conference today.

Previously, he attended the 2022 MCW Members Annual Meeting and 2021-2022 Outstanding Service Award (APC) and MCW Service Medal 2022 at Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy (MACA) Jalan Duta here.

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He said his party had promised to announce the results of the investigation in due course.

“Before that, I need to discuss this matter with the attorney general’s office and the parties involved before we can testify,” he said.

Earlier, in its report on the project, the National Accounts Committee (PAC) informed that the government’s due diligence study on the company Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd (BNS) for the construction of five Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) failed. Identify the company’s financial problems.

This was proved when the Government had to make an upfront payment of up to RM1.36 billion to BNS, contrary to Treasury Circular No. 5 of 2007

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